Art allows us to connect with our inner selves, anytime, anywhere!

Welcome to innerkspace art promotion (ART PRO). With a foundation in professional art history training, we have a profound understanding of the significance of art in human life. We believe that in today’s fast-paced society, the flow of information begin with our mode of seeing. Therefore, we provide humanistic learning courses and art workshops, creating a conducive environment that allows participants to enhance their self-care abilities, respect for life, and cultivate a deep appreciation for cultural diversity through the process of reading and hands-on creation. 

Unleashing creativity to heal the mind, body, and soul


Using art to inspire environmental conservation and sustainability

Celebrating diversity through the universal language of art

Where We Are

  • 2023/08/01-08/17 @ Quanta Computer Incorporated (Not open to the public)

    Summer Camp: Arts & Crafts (Ages 6–12)

  • 2023/07/11-07/27 @ Quanta Computer Incorporated (Not open to the public)

    Summer Camp: Art and Sustainability (Ages 6–12)

Who We Are

We bring the humanistic beauty of art to life for all to enjoy

Yung-Ching TSAO

Art Lecturer

BA in literature, MA in art history, loves wisdom and nature, believes that art improves health and well-being among individuals. Worked in a bookstore, architecture and IT start-up firms. After art therapy studies, has continued to focus on issues related to humanities in medicine and aesthetics.

Li-Ting CHEN

Art Education Specialist

MA in Art History from NTNU, Liting has taken on responsibilities for art education programs and new media art exhibitions at the National Palace Museum, as well as at a cultural and creative company. Her passion lies in promoting engaging and interdisciplinary approaches to learning about art.